About Me (and blog):

My name is Dylan. I’m an artist and educator who, like many people, is now spending a lot of time organizing and advocating.  I created this blog to help share information and action alerts in a clear and user-friendly way.

About Logo:

The ringing phone, and the Capitol cracking open thanks to all our calls, is an image the wonderful illustrator Esther Loopstra created based on my chicken-scratch doodles.

You can see more of how Esther is using her illustration and graphic design skills to support advocacy right here:


About the Blog Name:

Embodying Democracy. There’s that old frame that Democracy=Voting.

But there’s so much more to Democracy than that.


One way so many of us are embodying democracy more fully these days is through actively engaging our elected representatives.

Of course many of us are and have for a long time been embodying democracy literally by filling our streets highways buildings and institutions with our bodies, often at great risk.

And I believe we embody democracy in every day ways as well, both small and large.