Tell Senators: Protect the ADA

Last week, the House voted to pass HR 620, the “ADA Education and Reform Act of 2017”, which would make changes to the Americans With Disabilities Act.

Disability advocates say that this legislation, if it becomes law, will undermine the enforcement of the Americans for Disabilities Act, and make our communities even less accessible for people with disabilities and others. It will effectively gut the ADA. Read more herehere or here.

The bill hasn’t been introduced yet in the Senate. Now’s a good time to call your Senators and make sure they speak out against it.


You can look for your Senator’s DC phone # by searching with state or their name here.

It can’t hurt to call their local office too! You can ask DC folks for it, or look it up online.


Hi, my name is ______ and I’m a constituent of the Senator. I’m calling with a question and a comment. Could you help me by taking them down please?  Thank you!

Last week the House passed a bill, HR 620, that would weaken the Americans With Disabilities Act. Senator Duckworth is one of at least 5 senators [including Murray, Hassan, Casey and Van Hollen] who have already spoken out against it. Do you know if the Senator has made any statement about it yet?

Then I urge her/him to stand with Senator Duckworth and other folks with disabilities and speak up right now in support of the ADA and against this bill. Even before it’s introduced in the Senate. It’s never too early to support people with disabilities in our state.  Thank you!


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