Call Congress – What are you doing for Puerto Rico?

Hi – this is an action call about Puerto Rico. It’s divided in 3 parts:
1. Background.
2. Contact information (w/ specific info re: Klobuchar/Franken/Ellison)
3. Script

Here goes!


Puerto Rico is in the midst of a massive humanitarian crisis. People are dying.  Our Administration is not responding equitably, and it’s wack.

Here’s an action call to see what your members of congress are/aren’t doing about it, and to urge them to take specific actions.

More info about these actions and the situation here:

Also, you can choose to sign this petition.

2. Contact Info:

All Members of Congress:
Look Here:  WhoIsMyRepresentative.Com/

Minnesota residents:

Senator Klobuchar – (202) 224-3244
note: as of 1pm on 9/27, according to an aide in her DC office, the Senator has not publicly said or done ANYTHING regarding the crisis in Puerto Rico.

Senator Franken – (202) 224-5641
the Senator has made a statement on twitter, and according to an aide, is a signatory to an upcoming letter written by Senator Cantwell that outlines specific asks of the admnistration.

Mpls Residents:

Congressman Ellison – (202) 225-4755
the Congressman made a statement on Friday the 23rd, and according to an aide today 9/27, is working with other MoC’s to push for the waiver of the Jones Act.


3. Script:

Hi, My name is ___ and I’m a constituent of ____.  I’m calling with a question and a comment about Puerto Rico. Can you help me out?


Thank you.


First of all: 

Do you personally know if the Senator/Representative has said anything or taken any actions regarding Puerto Rico this past week?


[listen to what they say, then say thank you]


Second of all:

I urge the Senator/Representative to publicly call for these 3 things:

1-the waiving of the Jones Act.

2-eliminate cost-sharing for FEMA Aid.

3-suspending debt during the crisis.

[Extra credit if you’re feeling it:  add these two requests as well:]

1-an aid package of at least 15 billion dollars, which would be akin to what was granted for Texas and Florida after the disasters there. 

2- Revisiting the PROMESA act, so that Puerto Rico’s governor has the power to respond to this crisis. 

then say: Thank you!




Thank you.


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