Update: Preparing ourselves for DeVos Vote…and what we do next

As I write this, I’m listening to the livestream of senators speaking through the night.


Here are some off the top of my head thoughts, ahead of the vote.




Barring a big surprise, the vote will happen sometime in the middle of the day and it will be 50-50, with the Vice President breaking the tie to make Betsy DeVos our new Secretary for Education.

What will we do next?


How do we view this process not as a failure but as a continual training ground for what will come next?


How do we take and channel this energy and focus it on the municipal and state level, and turn our focus to our mayors, superintendents, state legislators, governors and state-level directors of education?  To make sure that our towns, disticts, cities and states will stand up against any federal efforts to weaken our public schools and lessen our already incomplete commitment to equitable education for students with disabilities?

How do we BUILD on this?  How do we LEARN from this?


How do we ANTICIPATE what comes next, and prepare for it?


We can BUILD  Movements, Intersectional Connections together.  Let’s build and reconnect. And stand tall together.  Listen to each other. Speak up and speak out for ourselves and others in our communities. Organize and Advocate.  How do we make sure that this is NOT the busiest week for constituent input to senators and representatives, but just the first of even busier weeks, months and years ahead?




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